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It’s a shocking statistic, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every hour 150 children between ages 0 and 19 are treated in emergency departments for injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes. Sadly, more children ages 5 to 19 die from crash-related injuries than from any other type of injury.

The CDC recommends rear facing car seats until infant is 1 year old and weighs 20 lbs.

The CDC recommends rear facing car seats until infant is 1 year old and weighs 20 lbs

Thankfully, parents can play a key role in protecting the children they love from road traffic injuries.

Prevention Tips

One of the best protective measures you can take is using seat belts, child safety seats, and booster seats that are appropriate for your child’s age and weight.

CDC Recommendations:

  • Typically, babies should be placed in rear facing car seats until they are at least 1 year old and weigh 20 pounds.
  • When babies move into front-facing car seats, they should remain in these seats until they are at least 4 years old or weigh 40 pounds.
  • Children should be seated in booster seats from about age 4 to age 8, or until they reach 4’9” tall.
  • All children ages 12 and under should be seated in the back seat of vehicles.

Have A Teen Driver?

If you’re a parent of a teen who is learning to drive, the CDC recommends you sign an agreement with them to limit risky driving situations, such as having multiple teen passengers and driving at night.

The State of Georgia has legislated restrictions on teen drivers with the goals of improving safety and reducing injuries. Learn more at

Not In A Car: Helmets Can Help

Children should wear motorcycle or bike helmets any time they are on a motorcycle or bicycle.

CDC: Wear a motorcycle or bicycle helmet !

CDC: Wear a motorcycle or bicycle helmet !

Please visit for podcasts, tip sheets, and other information on the leading causes of child injury and steps you can take to protect the children you love.

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